Highland HS Run

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The run will start on the Highland Highschool track, Run up the driveway to 2100 South, Turn west into Sugar House Park. Follow the road around to the the pond. Leave the road up the Steep hill around the cone and back to the road. Follow the road around the "s" curve, go over the wall, and back up the road to Highland HS. Run down the drive way and follow the track around be sure to jump over the hurldes. There will be a volunteer at each hurdle, if you knock it over, you will lose time by setting it back up, so don't knock over to many. Total distance is just over 2 miles.


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1Michael CazayouxRXed 12 mins 44 secs02/05/2011
2Daine EatonRXed 12 mins 50 secs02/05/2011
3Andy GuntherRXed 13 mins 1 sec02/05/2011
4Robert ShafferRXed 13 mins 4 secs02/05/2011
5Dave ChuggRXed 13 mins 6 secs02/05/2011
6Nik RasmussenRXed 13 mins 7 secs02/05/2011
7Ronnie TeasdaleRXed 13 mins 7 secs02/05/2011
8Matt MalanRXed 13 mins 10 secs02/05/2011
9Daniel BishoffRXed 13 mins 11 secs02/05/2011
10Tommy HackenbruckRXed 13 mins 14 secs02/05/2011
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