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Damon Stewart Fitness Elevated 2013




Friday Events

Damon Stewart

Welcome to Fitness Elevated 2013 Sponsored by Progenex.  This year Fitness Elevated will select for the fittest athlete, not just the fastest Fran time or who's the best at WODs.  You'll run, jump, row, carry, maybe even throw?  Here are Friday's events:

"The Combine"

Each athlete (all divisions) will complete the following

Max Broad Jump

500m row (immediately followed by 5K row.  See 5K row for details on scoring)

Monkey Bars + Max Chest to Bar Pullups

Pro Agility Drill

Max Reps Bench Press:  Men's Elite 225, Men's Open 185, Masters U50 185, Masters 50+ 135.  Women's loContinue Reading
A question on the rowing, does the timed 500 meters count towards the timed 5,000 meters? Or is it 500 meters then reset and row 5,000?
Not that my opinion matters anyway, do what you will, I think it is a constantly varied element that they are putting in there with the calculator. It is just a different way of looking at rowing. It is now more accurately simulating rowing on water. It does punish the heavier athlete, but that is a true General Physical Preparedness aspect. The heavier you are the more drag you create, and more energy expended. I am 6'3 220 and a good rower, so I'm excited to see if I can hold my own.
Please reconsider not using the weight adjusted calculator on the row. I don't understand how that will be fair to the heavier athletes. When WOD's are done they are done at whatever height and weight you are. Thats what great about crossfit, everybody has their strengths and weaknesses. What about range of motion, taller athletes pull a longer distance on pull-ups, push a longer distance on presses. Should shorter athletes complete more rep's based on height? Should lighter athletes use weight vests so they pull the same weight as heavier athletes? The list can go on and on. Just program whatever you decide and let the fastest and strongest win based on the WOD's. Thanks for your consideration.

Competitor WaitList

Damon Stewart Fitness Elevated 2013

Fitness Elevated sold out in less than 10 days this year.  We've been getting deluged with calls, texts, and emails from people who want to compete and are considering opening up 30 more slots for a total of 210 competitors this year.  If and when we've filled all of our volunteer and judge slots we'll email everyone on this list and then it will be first come first serve for registration.  Slots will be $125.  There's no guarantee that being on this waitlist will give you your slot but we will email the first 30 people on the first day then anyone else on the 2nd day. 

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FE2013 - Powered by Progenex

Damon Stewart Fitness Elevated 2013
Fitness Elevated is just over a month away and you questions! First, let's talk logistics: The event is currently sold out. If we fill all of our judge and volunteer slots then I'm open to releasing more slots. We'll post a link to a wait list soon. There is no guarantee that we'll expand the competition but if we the people on the wait list will be given priority. On Friday we'll be running the events all day at Ute CrossFit - Holladay and you can show up from 12-8pm and compete in the day 1 events. Saturday we'll be at the Salt Lake Equestrian Center and all morning heContinue Reading

Fitness Elevated 2013 Divisions

Damon Stewart

Click this link to Register for the event.

Registration is now open for Fitness Elevated 2013.  This year competitors will be able to compete in 3 divisions:

Elite Men's & Women's:  Expect Regionals level loading and movements like muscle-ups, HSPU's, full lifts (snatches & cleans caught in full squat), along with sandbags, sleds, and more.  If there was anything at Regionals you saw and thought "I can't do that" then you should register in the Open division.  The Elite division is capped at 30 men and 20 women.

Open Division:  Expect a great test of fitness with loading simContinue Reading
I know we are still over a month out, but do we know when we are going to start posting workouts? getting way too excited for this.
Is there going to be a qualifier for divisions this year?

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