Retro Games Team Registration  08/12/2012 to 08/26/2012

The 2012 Retro Games presented by FitnessElevated. Compete in the classic 2008 & 2009 CrossFit Games workouts.
08/12/2012 to 08/26/2012


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Retro Games Update

Damon Stewart Retro Games Team Registration

Hey guys, the Retro Games is just a week out!  We've got less than 10 team slots left so if you've been thinking about doing it get on it.  We've had a lot of questions about the height of the wallball targets.  It's 11 feet not 14 feet.  We're going to be releasing the initial heat schedules on Monday.  Individuals will start at 3pm on Friday and Teams will start at 4pm.   Last but not least, Progenex is sounding out a ton of sweet hats and mesh bags for their booth at the event and we'll have a ton of the #theSauce there, so if you've been thinking about checking it out come on by. 

What time does the competitition start for teams on Saturday?

Registration for Retro Games

Tommy Hackenbruck Retro Games Team Registration

The 2012 Retro Games will be going down June 22-23 (Friday-Saturday) in Salt Lake City.  This year we will have both an individual and a team competition.  Information on the competitions and how to register is posted below.  Please check back often as registration is not quite up, but will be soon.  We do expect to sell out both competitions, as of now they are capped at 30 men, 30 women, and 30 teams (2 guys+2 girls).  

Registration for the Retro Games Individual Competition will be closed until after the Online Qualifier.  The individual competition will be a re-make ofContinue Reading
Thanks Tommy, regionals was a blast. The Snatch ladder wasn't too great, wanted to get to 235 but didn't quite lock out at 195 so I got a no rep. Not sure if I'll be able to do Retro games, Dropped a 4x4 piece of wood on my toe and broke it. Can't do any Oly lifting for a couple weeks. Maybe I can get out for F.E. 3.
Mike, it's $79. $10 for the online qualifier, and after that you will pay $69 more to register for the 2 day event.
Tommy whats the price for individual 10$ for the online qualifier is there anything after that?
Btw nice job representing timberwolf Crossfit at the n central regional. We were stoked for you
Gotcha. Teams can be any combo of 2 guys + 2 girls from anywhere. First come first serve

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<div class='register'> <h3>Registration is not open yet for this competition.</h3> </div>

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