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Retro Games Team Comp Details

Damon Stewart

Here are some additional details for the team competition.  If you're planning on competing as a Master (40+) just register as an individual.  We'll be posting Masters loads and reps later this week.  Please text me (801-643-1504) with any questions. 

How will the work be divided up? 

You can split up the work any way you want.  On the Super-Helen you'll run alternating 400's but can divide up the kettlebell swings and the pullups any way you want and then both athletes will have 90 seconds each to establish their max shoulder to overhead.  You get to choose who goes first.  The Sandbag run will be a relay.  On Saturday both athletes will complete the deadlift ladder indvidually and your score will be the sum of your lifts.  The other Saturday workouts will be like Helen, you can divvy up the work any way you see fit. 

Is there scaling? 

Yes, you're welcome to scale if you need to.  This option is only available for team athletes.

When can we choose our Friday heats? 

On Friday evening (the Friday of the CrossFit Games) I'll email all registered athletes.  Athletes who have registered early will have priority for the Friday heats.

What time will the comp be on Saturday? 

Heats will run from 8am to 5pm.

Can I sumo deadlift? 

Not if you want your score to count.

What is the time cutoff for the Pyramid Helen? 

The team cutoff for team Helen will be 20 minutes.  If you don't finish the tie-breaker will be similar to the Open, you'll have a total time based on uncompleted reps but will have a tie-breaker based on the time you finished a portion of the event.

How much do the sandbags weigh? 

40lbs and 80lbs

What if I can't make it? 

If you need to substitute a teammate for any reason it must be done when you check-in on Friday.  You must compete with the same team both Friday and Saturday.

What will the final event be? 

Here's what it won't be: 

Muscle-ups or HSPU's.

Where can I register? 

Click Here to Register